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Big Size Slewing Bearings Repairing


DRE finished 6 pcs big size slewing bearings repairing which used in the deck cranes on the ship. Our solution to do the repairing is to help customers to save the cost when they replacing the bearings. After calculating, includes all the transporting cost, all the cost can be reduced about 40%. 

But what kind of slewing bearings can be repaired? Not all the slewing bearings are suitable to be repaired to reduce cost. First, the size is enough big, normally we can suggest the size should be bigger than 2 meters. Second, there are some pcs, not only one pc, which may increase cost when transporting. Third, is very important, that the main parts of the bearings can be used, and the application can accept smaller diameter. 

The repairing process: 1/clean and inspect the old ones to give customers a list of what needed to repair and change, 2/do all the manufacturing process, 3/supply final test report and packing to customers.

Normally, if the main parts of the slewing bearings are still in a good condition, then after repairing, the slewing bearings can work as a new one. And also need to be well maintaining.

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