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Linear Guideway

High Accuracy
Because linear guide has little friction resistance, only a small driving force is needed to move the load. Low frictional resistance helps the temperature rising effect be small. Thus, the frictional resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for long period than traditional slide system.
High Rigidity
The design of Linear Guide rail and block features an equal lead rating in all four directions that request sufficient rigidity load in all directions, and self-aligning capability to absorb installation-error. Moreover, a sufficient preload can be achieved to increase rigidity and makes it suitable for any kind of installation.
Easy for Maintenance
Compared with high-skill required scrapping process of traditional slide system, the Linear Guide can offer high precision even if the mounting surface is machined by milling or grinding. Moreover the interchangeability of Linear Guide gives a convenience for installation and future maintenance.
High Speed
Linear Guide block, rail and ball apply by contact point of Rolling system. Due to the characteristic of low frictional resistance, the required driving force is much lower than that in other systems, thus the power consumption is small. Moreover, the temperature rising effect is small even under high speed operation.
High Performance without Clearance

Even under a preload or regular load, the ball and raceway contact one another at two points in the loading direction, as shown. This design gives rise to a smooth rolling motion.


We have the below types for your reference:

GZB heavy load roller LMG

GGB four direction equal load ball LM guide

GGD heavy load radial guideway

GSB low noise linear motion guide

GGF yype separate linear motion guide

HG heavy load ball type linear guide

MG miniature linear guide

Curved guide

Precision cross roller guide

Roller guide block


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GGB-AA/AAL four direction equal load ball linear guide
GGB-AA/AAL four direction equal load ball linear guide

GGB is the earliest developed LMG and is one of the most widely used guides. Designed with equal 45°contact angle, which makes equal load in four directions -- vertical upside, vertical downside, hori...

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Arc guide
Arc guide

circular linear motion guide

Hot tags  :  circular linear guide   arc guide   circular guide  

GGF Type Separate Linear Motion Guide
GGF Type Separate Linear Motion Guide

GGF separate LMG is designed into two circular arc raceways with 90 ° intersection angle in one side of rail according to loading requirement. The block can make infinite reciprocating motion along th...

Hot tags  :  Linear guide rail   Linear guide way  

HGH-CA / HGH-HA Linear Guideways
HGH-CA / HGH-HA Linear Guideways

HG series linear guideway is heavy load linear guideway designed by circular-arc groove and structure optimization are higher over 30% load capacity and rigidity than other similar ball type linear gu...

Hot tags  :  linear guideway   linear guide   cnc guideway  

MGN-C / MGN-H Linear Guideway
MGN-C / MGN-H Linear Guideway

MGN Series Tiny and light weight design suitable for miniature equipment All materials are special grade of stainless steel and alloy steel for anti-corrosion ability Gothic arch contact design has hi...

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