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Double worm slew drive (S-2 SE-2 type)




SE-2 Series slewing drives are combined by VE Housing, slewing ring, two hourglass worm and some Matching parts, it achieved 2 times of tooth contacting. In the same volume and installation space, it improved nearly double output torque, greatly improving the product's performance.

Double-worm slew drive has more rotator in the basic of single-worm slew drive.


Please click the model number to check the drawing for Double worm slew drive.


Model   Data Output   Torque Tilting Moment Holding Torque Gear Ratio  Tracking Precision Weight
SE14-2/S14-2 6.5kN.m 33.9kN.m 38.7kN.m 61:01:00 <=0.2° 42kg
SE17-2/S17-2 7.5kN.m 54.3kN.m 43kN.m 78:01:00 <=0.2° 48kg
HSE21-2 8kN.m 67.8kN.m 48kN.m 85:01:00 <=0.2° 55kg
HSE25-2 10kN.m 135.6kN.m 72.3kN.m 102:01:00 <=0.15° 87kg


DRE hot and common slewing drives are listed in the table.


Open Housing Slew Drive S9 S12 S14 S17

Enclosed Housing Slew Drive SE3C/PE3C SE5A/PE5A SE7/PE7 SE9A/PE9A SE12A/PE12A SE14A/PE14A SE17/PE17 SE21/PE21 SE25/PE25
Double Worm Slew Drive SE14-2/S14-2 SE17-2/S17-2 SE21-2/S21-2 SE25-2/S25-2

Modular Vehicles Slew Drive HSE21 HSE25 HSE21-2 HSE25-2

Worm Gear Slew Drive WE9 WE12 WE14 WE17 WE21 WE25

Dual Axis Slew Drive SDE3/PDE3 SDE5 SDE9 SDE12 SDE14 SDE17

Double worm slew drive
Double worm slew drive

Double worm slew drive (S-2 SE-2 type)

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