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Trapezoidal screw nut

Nut is suitable for the standard trapezoidal thread,ACME thread, triangle thread and other standard or non-standard thread.The axial clearance of the nut is 0.075 to 0.18mm.


1.Material:Brass, bronze, cast copper, cast iron, alloy, POM, nylon, etc.

2.Superior materials, strict quality control and precision of processing to ensure the best performance.

3.Working temperature: metal nut 15 ℃ to 350 ℃, plastic nut 15 ℃ to 175 ℃.

Tip: when the axial clearance exceeds the 1/4 of the pitch should replace the screw and nut as soon as possible.

A.Compact flanged round nut (RNC)

B.With round flange round nut(RNRF)

C.Embedded round flange or waist form mounting holes round nut (RNRFX)

D.Hexagon nuts (HXN)

E.Flanged round nut (RNWF)

F.The square nut (SQN)

G.With screw mounting holes square nut(SQTH)

H.The short round nut (RNSL)

I.Widen square nut (WSQN)

J.Plastic round nut (PRN)

K.Other non-standard shape and material