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Wire-race Slewing Bearings



Wire-race Slewing Bearing Advantage:

The wire-race slewing bearings are the high-strength races for the rolling elements, allows structural and material combinations as well as cross sections. Dimensions, cross sections and the ring material of the bearings can be optimally matched to all application requirements. DRE wire-race bearings extend the range of applications for open-centre slewing bearings. They offer decisive advantages over conventional surface-hardened slewing bearing designs like high running accuracy, low and uniform torque resistance even when distorted, resistance to corrosion, low weight due to the surrounding aluminium alloy bearing rings and low maintenance.

In addition, wire-race bearings offer the possibility of a more economical repair since it is often sufficient to replace individual components such as wire races, rolling elements, spacers and seals in order to reuse a repaired bearing.

 Wire-race Slewing Bearing Type:

Wire-race bearing can be ball bearings, roller bearings or a combination design of wire-race bearing and surface-hardened bearing.

Range of Wire-race Slewing Bearing Supply:

Dimension from 100mm to 5000mm.

Wire-race Bearings Ball Type

Wire-race Bearing Roller Type


Wire-race Slewing Bearing with Aluminium Material

DRE wire-race bearings with light alloy bearing rings have gained special importance. The same load carrying capacity as that of comparable steel bearings is achieved by using an aluminium alloy of high mechanical strength as ring material. Compared to steel bearings of identical cross sections, aluminium wire-race bearings weigh approx. 60 % less.

A light alloy wire-race bearing can be made corrosion-proof and maintenance-free by using appropriate materials for the rolling elements and races. The corrosion behaviour of aluminium bearing rings can be significantly improved by a surface treatment.



Wire-race Slewing Bearing Application:

Wire-race Bearings are specially designed for a lot of military machines like tank because of their good structure with light weight. And they also widely used in optical telescopes, articulated buses, electric light bulb production and so on.

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