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Roller guide block


Roller Guide Block

The roller guide block is a precision linear guide component. It has stronger loading capacity and higher rigidity. In the condition of high frequency back and forth such as repetitive motion, starting and stopping, it can reduce weight of complete machine, transmission gearing and power cost.
The roller guide block can reach higher sensitivity and high performance of plane linear motion. In the condition of heavy load or varied load it has small elastic deformation and get stable linear motion without crawl.
The roller guide block can center automatically because its rolling body-roller has good guiding performance in rolling. Therefore the positioning accuracy can be improved.
The rollers in the roller guide block move circularly. Therefore there is no length limit of machine tools by using roller guide block. The quantity of guide block depends on loading capacity and specification.
The roller guide block has wide application. The small type of guide block can be used for linear motion parts of mould and instrument. The large type of guide block is used for plane linear motion of heavy machine tools and precision instrument, especial for NC, CNC machine tools.
Basic structure
The roller block is consisted of block, roller and re-circulator. The rollers are doing circulating motion in the block which are hardened by quenching and precisely ground. To prevent the roller run out of the block, rollers are designed as step rollers and block designed with special slot, which made the rollers to center automatically and avoid excursion in moving. It is in favor of flexible movement under load and has long lifetime.

The accuracy of roller guide block mainly depends on the height of guide block. For the multi-roller guide blocks used in the same plane, to get the load distribution balance, the height of roller guide blocks in the same group should be consistent. Usually the tolerance of height is 0-10μm.

Model GZD15x53 GZD20x70 GZD30x123 GZD40x132
Length L 52.8 70 123 132
Width W 26.5 30 40 51.4
Height H 15 20 30 40
Dia for mounting hole dxDxh 0.34 0.3x0.6x4 0.45x0.85x5 0.55x0.10x6
Center distance of mounting hole A 19 26 58 50.8
B 19.3 23 30 41.5
Basic rated Static load C0(KN) 29 53.4 72.3 121
dynamic load C(KN) 23 38.3 63.5 89.1
Weight Block
0.12 0.25 0.92 1.7

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