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stainless steel ball bearings

  • stainless steel ball
  • Dalian or main ports in China
  • silver
  • TT
  • 5 Days
  • 1
  • 1$/set
  • China
  • Price Range: 1-999/0$


Stainless Steel Bearings

DRE stainless steel bearings bring unique capabilities for food processing and packaging, beverage, medical and marine equipment. DRE engineers combine advanced bearing design expertise with broad industry knowledge to satisfy the toughest application requirements.

Features and Benefits

DRE Manufacturing Stainless Steel Bearings manufactured from a variety of stainless steel materials
Withstand tough, corrosive conditions for extended service life
Reduced maintenance costs and equipment downtime
Value-engineering simplifies your designs by incorporating features such as seals, polymer components, spacers and shafts into the assembly

Poultry processing trolley. Stainless steel bearings and an engineered polymer pulley resist the harsh washdown environment found in poultry-processing plants.
Bakery conveyor. DRE stainless steel bearing designs withstand the heat in bread ovens, proofing ovens and commercial toaster ovens where temperatures can exceed 650º F. These designs extend the life and expensive maintenance of bakery conveyor chains.
Bottling plant. This bearing solved a tough corrosion problem in a sports drink filling machine. High salt content and bottling at elevated temperatures created a processing environment that required excessive maintenance and frequent bearing replacement.
Marine. Sea water exposure represents one of the most severe applications in the bearing world. DRE utilized a special grade of stainless steel to meet the needs for a demanding shift detent application.
Medical. A DRE stainless steel unitized thrust bearing replaced a three-piece design and solved a slippage problem due to bearing wear in biomedical diagnostics equipment.

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